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    बुधवार, २९ जानेवारी, २०१४

    comedy man," Jackie Nobrain"..

    Once there was a villager called Jackie Nobrain.He went to visit Londan.He was a surprised to see the big city.He saw a big bridge.He asked about it to a passer-by.He told Jackie that is was the London bridge .He asked the passer-by who had built the "bridge..Don't know" he replied.Jackie thought that the bridge was the built by some Donno' He mistake don't know as Donno.
    Then Jackie was a statue and asked whose statue that was.Again the reply was Don't know'Jackie thought that it was a statue of Mr.Donno.Then he saw Big Ben,the clock tower.He asked a passer-by who had built that clock tower.The reply was "Really Don't
    Know,Jackie now thought that Mr.Donno full name is Really Donno.
    Then he saw a speaker giving speech.He was the mayer of London.When Jackie asked a passer-by the mayer name "Don't know" was the reply he got.He took the mayers name as Mr.Donno.
    At last while leaving London,he saw a funreal procession.He asked a passer-by who had died......she says "Really Dont Know.Jackie thought and was sure that Mr.Really Donno ,the mayer to London had passed away..
    Jackie was very sorry fo Mr.Donno's bad luck and bade farewell to the great Mr.Really Donno. 

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