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    शुक्रवार, १७ जानेवारी, २०१४

    Education is a third eye of human ..Definition of education :

    Many great thinkers, educational experts have expressed their meanings of education
    according to their viewpoint regarding the way they look at life.Indian education is a very deep and big history.
    Ancient India :1) "The training required to protect the interest of nation and patriotism, is true
    knowledge" - Kautilya
    2) "Knowledge is that makes man self-reliant and selfless". - Rigved
    3) "Education is the realisation of the Self'" - Shankaracharya.
    4) "Education is self - realisation and service of the people" - Guru Nanak.
    Indian Thinkers :1) "Education is the manifestation of man's inherent devine qualities". - Swami Vivekanand.
    2) "Education is the development of the excellent things in man's physical, mental and
    spiritual aspects and their manifestation". - Mahatma Gandhi
    3) "Education is the tool to awaken the hidden strengths." - Acharya Vinoba Bhave
    4) "Education means self-manifestation" - Ravindranath Tagore.
    Western Thinkers :1) "The perfect development of the excellencies of man's boWestern Thinkers :
    1) "The perfect development of the excellencies of man's body and soul, is education."
    - Plato
    2) "Education is the creation of a sound mind in a sound body." - Aristotle.
    3) "Education is the process of living by continuously reforming / restructuring the
    experiences". - John Dewey
    4) "Education means the development of the natural internal strength and ability of
    children." - Rousseau
    The practical meaning of education :Ordinary people, through their narrow - mindedness express their views on the
    meaning of education by saying that - going to schools and colleges means education.
    Besides, education means to take examinations, take degrees or only literacy.
    This is a practice every where to call the collecting of knowledge and information,
    education. But, this is not the truth.
    Education means all-around and entire development of the personality. The all-round
    development consists knowledge - augmentation, intellectual and thinking development,
    practical efficiency, professional ability, physical well-being, ideal citizenship, sociality,
    aesthetic sense, appreciativeness, morality, spirituality, activeness and creativity.
    Thus, education is a vast process and so, today while determining the aims, objectives
    and policies of education, it is necessary to think about all the developments aspects of
    human life and not only literacy or knowledge and intelligence
    Knowledge is important in human life. Though, it is true, the use of true knowledge
    is to make all-around development of the person, to make him a responsible citizen by
    changing his behaviour in an appropriate way. This is the meaning of education all agree


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