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    मंगळवार, २१ जानेवारी, २०१४

    Modern school ...ICT school...smart school...

    Modern school is a great concept.In the wake of the recent devlopments in information technology school have been made Ict schools.Though the vision of the smart schools of each country varies their mission and goals are similar,smart schools support students ,learning and thinking skills with programs.Infrastructure  ,tools ,teachers and management aided by information and communication techonologies; they learn how to learn .Ict schools students are autonumous learners;they learn how to learn.Ict schools enable children to acquire information..These abilities are crucial to a learning society.

    World future is a bright with ict.As the future will be increasingly collaborative the students will have to be equipped with attitudinal and interpresonal skills that are useful for teamwork. The curriculum for ict schools can be devised to integrate a wide variety of knowledge language value elements and skills such as creative and critical thinking personal, social, scientific, mathmatical ,environmental and knowledge acouisition.
    With a view to developing a technology literate ,creative and critically thincking class of students to open the doors to the world of knowledge.
    The aims of ict schools is to promote balanced development ,help integrate knowledge,skills ,and values,enable multidisciplinary,thematic and continuous learning and help acquire.
    The ict school initiative can have five main goals,Which focus on the need to develop a skilled work force for the information.Age and to promote the goals of the philosophy of Education.

    1.provide all round development of the individual intellectual,physical,spiritual and emotional.
    *provide a curriculum for all.
    *Teach value and language across the curriculum.
    *Emphasis thinking skills. 

    2.Provide opportunities to enhance individual strengths and abilities .
    *provide electives in the curriculum.
    *Allow for vertical integration .

    3.Produce a thinking and technology litterate workforce.
    *Teach thinking across the curriculum.
    *Apply technology in teaching and learning.

    4.Increase participation of stakeholders.
    *Create awarness of what happens in schools.
    *Easy and speedy communication with the school using technology.

    5.Democratise education.
    *provide equal access to learning opportunities.
    *provide for deffering abilities,styles and paces of learning.
    *Internet is a fast connection capable of supporting.video conferencing,students will learn by processing information.  

    These are aims of ict educations.        

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