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    बुधवार, ८ जानेवारी, २०१४

    My Hobby.

    Hobby may be defined as one leisure time work.Hobby is followed not for profit but for pleasure.A hobby makes our life interesting.There are many kinds of hobbies such as stamp collecting,collecting book, collecting leaves of different plants,gardening,coin collecting ,ticket collecting ,picture collecting ,playing music instruments etc.Hobby of gardening plants of flowers has always attracted me.The garden is a beautiful place.Different flower plants grow in different seasons.I keep myself busy in growing the seasonal fowers and plants .My ideal months are the winter months from october to february and rainy days.During this period the loveliest flowers bloom.I am specially interested in different kinds of roses.
    Gardening gives me occupation for my leisure hours .I work daily in my garden.I take out weeds,dry leaves time to time.I water the plants every day during winters and twice during summers.I spend one hour every day in my garden.I supply manure to plants regularly and spray the leaves with insecticide.
    Whenever i am in tension i sit in my garden.This gives me freshness.Though vegetable gardening is eqally fascinating.I am specially interested in flower plants.        

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