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    बुधवार, ८ जानेवारी, २०१४

    Population Problem in India.

    India is fighting against many problems.one of them is population problem.This problem is very serious.It is increasing rapidly.The rapid growth of population is nullifying all the devlopment efforts.Pressure of population is increasing on all levels and that day is not far when it will not be able to tolarate this exploding problem.The main cause of increase are poverty,liliteracy death control.early marriage.This shooting up of population has to be checked if we want India to be properous.

    Family planning is being encouraged in the country to check this exploding problem.The effect of all these measures is bringing the result.There is much to be done .It is not only the duty of goverment to make plans and schemes but the people should also minimum co-operate  with the goverment .
    Allocation of fund for welfare in five year plans have been increasing .The central and state goverment are doing there best to solve this problem.Family planing activities are in opration in all districts of country.Free advice is available there about family planning.They goverment has began to give special programmes for peoples.Family planning is must for family and country.Its  think way advertisements are made through newspaper,t.v.,radio,cinema.and ngo programmes.
    They should limit their families to make india a better India.       

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