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    बुधवार, ८ जानेवारी, २०१४

    save and search documents...on your computer.

    Saving a new documentStep 1: Open the Save-dialogue1. Click the ‘Save-button’ in the top-left of the program window
    2. The ‘Save-dialogue’ appears on your screen
    Step 2: Select the right location to put your document in3. Click on the arrow next to the current folder
    4. From the menu, go to ‘My Documents’ and click again
    5. Now ‘My Documents’ is the current folder
    6. Look in the folder contents for your own folder
    7. Double-click your folder to open it and make it the current
    Step 3: Give your file a good name so you can find it again8. Put your cursor in the text area next to ‘File name’
    9. Delete the text ‘Doc1’ and type a new name
    Step 4: Finish saving your document10. Click the button ‘Save’ in the dialogue
    11. Your document is now saved and the dialogue disappears
    Remember to save frequently while you are working:1. Click the ‘Save-button’ every 5 or 10 minutes. This way you
    will never lose more than a few minutes’ work!
    Note: when saving an already named document, no dialogue box
    The final page of part 1 teaches you how to shut down the computer. It also tells you what to do when you
    seem to be lost or in trouble. Being a good inquisitive student, you should be trying out a lot and make many
    mistakes. So it is good to be in trouble! Turn the page and teach yourself to get out of trouble again.

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