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    बुधवार, ८ जानेवारी, २०१४

    Students must discipline.

    Discipline is must in our life.Discipline is a code of conduct by which we get smoothness in life,happiness and learn how to live in the society.Discipline is essential in every time.Walk of life that is in school,on the playground,at home.with friendships,in the classroom,in meetings,and on the road.Self control is the root of discipline.A desciplined students and men is called as an ideal students and person.He goes to school regularly.does his home task in time give respect to others.He can never be rude or impolite.
    If the students are discipline are disciplined they can maintain harmony in the society.When they are well grown up.Good citizen is required to help the goverment by following rules and
    regulations.But it is possible only when that citizen is given good training in discipline from the very begining of his life.In order to maintain peace in the world discipline is must.Discipline can be taught by parents as well because the first school of the students is his family and second is the teachers of educational programmes.
    Remember its discipline is the best policy in our life.      

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