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    मंगळवार, ७ जानेवारी, २०१४

    The Indian Cow.

    The cow is most useful of all the animals.It is found all over the world It is a pet animal.It has four legs ,two eyes ,two ears ,two horns and one long tail.Cow is very gentle .It has several colours as brown ,black ,light yellow,white and printed colour .It is an important animal of india.The cow is a very poor animal.The cows milk is very useful for health and diseases.

    Indian worships the cow and call her Gomata.It eats grass ,straw ,and leaves.It gives us milk.The milk is sweet and good for our health.Her calves are also useful.On being bull,they are used to pough the fields.They also draw carts and loads of agriculture products.The oxen are real wealth of the indian farmers.Its homs are used to prepare buttons and skin is used to prepare shoes.
    The dung of the cow is also useful it is used to prepare manure and fuel.Its urine is used in medicines.Some people eat its flesh.
    They are known as beef eaters.But majority of people considers beef eating a great sin.Its milk is used a cow.It is white in colour Its name is varity.It gives 6 litres of milk a day .I like her most becaust it is a useful animal.         

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