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    What is a blog ?..Why blogs ?

    What is a blog ?
    Modern information techonology is a fast and some say to world.You can say you want by all way.One way is a very famous now.Thats name is a Blog.A Blog, in its simplest form, is a website that is an online journal. A combination of two words, web and log, a blog allows a ‘blogger’ to create postings on any subject. Blogs are different from a written journal in that upon first entry, the last posting is viewed first -- reverse chronological order. On the technical side blogs are ‘a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data, arranged chronologically, that can be viewed in an HTML browser”.Html language is a important part of blog.You can easy accept it. 

    By being an avid blogger one is classified as being part of the ‘blogospot’, the social networking community of blogs. And there are many different communities to be a part of. There are blogs for pretty much every subject. Everyone has their very own late night talk show where they can rant, rave, share, and discuss their interests. Also, there are blogs that aren’t just written posts. We have video blogs, picture blogs, and even audio blogs  where the blogger will publish some different type of media on their site. But, written blogs are often most common.

    Blogs have often been compared to discussion board in that they both allow for interaction between students, as well as the teacher. However, the main difference between blogs and discussion boards is the level of ownership. Within discussion boards students interact with each other and share ideas, but no student has control over the content of that collaborative space. Blogs on the other hand allow students to take the reins and have control over the content. At the same time, students can collaborate with each other, as blogs allow for students to comment on the work of the other. This tool allows for both individualistic creativity as well as collaborative cooperation.

    Why Blogs ?
                                                                                                                                                                     You can say and write for world by blog.Its a simple way.Your think is a big for the world.Students and teachers are very busy in a blog..Because blog is only not thoughtful he is a one way of income.
    Literacy is an integral part of a student’s education. Students must have the ability to read and write to express their opinions and ideas. Often times in the class there may be students who are a bit introverted, or others who have a hard time expressing themselves in front of the class verbally. Blogs provide these students with a platform to contribute to a discussion that they may not necessarily contribute to inside of the class. The reflective nature of blogs gives students comfort and ease in expressing their ideas that may not be possible immediately in a classroom. Students can develop confidence in their ability to formulate and opinion and may be more vocal in class at a later time. Students still feel engaged in the class and are less likely to get unmotivated because they can now contribute in their own way. At the same time, students can have much more experience writing and teachers can access student development over time from their constant blog posts.Now blog is a famous way any media.
    You can start anytime your blog..step by step create your blog and you have any think,tech,education contrubute with the world.

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