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    Handwork is taught in school not because.It is useful to ome pupils but because it is useful to all pupils.It forms an essential part of education and of all subjects in the curriculum,It is the most fundamental.
    Handwork was the first instrument of culture it began when our ancestors began to use their hands for the conquest of nature.The hand was the first teacher.From being a toolof the brain it became its educator and nowadays the first step to awaken the intelligence of a mentally defective of abnormal child is to bring its hands into use.This is just as true of the clever child as of the stupid.
    Without a knowledge of handcraft-and the only way to know it is to practise it -a man cannot have sympathtywith his fellow men,he cannot have a complete understanding of their aims and aspirations.their toils and their triumphs and he misses much of the wonder and beauty of the world.The tons of rubbish highly expensive rubbish sold in our bazaars is testmony of the incapacity of the public to discriminate between good and bad workmanship;between things made to stand wear and tear of daily use and things merely made for sale.All this points to a regrettable void in general education of the masses.They have been taught to read and write but have not been taught to make things with their hands and to realise when they are well of badly made,whether they suit their purpose of not.
    Here then,is our chance and to give the citizens of the future better tastes,we must not only teach children to make things well themselves but we must get them to appreciate the things others have made better.We must teach them to discern good craftsmanship in the things they use daily.Their handwork ped homes and produce in them a love of things simple and sincere;it should lend a dignity toall their doings and their likings.
    It is difficult to overate this matter of appreciation of right seeing and right choosing.To secure this appreciation we must leaven our practical lessons with a little talk,telling them of perhaps the source, the uses,the material,etc.Of the particular article about to be made.Whenever possible let the class cular article about to be made.Whenever possible let the class see a good specimen of the article to be reproduced, and see that it is beautifully and proportionately made.If you live in a city shops,bazaars, and then return to discuss what you have made even it it be just a clay model of a fruit of vegetable,a paper folded article of furnityre, of a palm leaf mat.Only thus, will handwork affect the child attitude towards its daily life.

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