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    मंगळवार, २५ फेब्रुवारी, २०१४

    IMPORTANT DAY'S........

    Some of the important days of each month are considered to be in India. day that has some history. REALISED you should.'s Contribution to think  each social mind Causes of duties. Today, the social contract is doing sensetive  mind - becoming the story. If you took the time not knowing this is not exactly what you need day and work spot. 
    On the day of the self examination a few important country. They have a satisfactory. And should a work . Today I talk for you  take some important day. They read about it and keep your price.

    Celebrating Days List in January:-

    1st January --  New Year's Day
    3rd January -- Day of Silence
    9th January -- NRI Day
    10th January -- Laughing Day
    12th January -- National Youth Day
    15th January -- Army day
    25th January -- National Voter's Day
    26th January -- Indian Republic Day
    30th January -- Martyr's Day
    31st January -- Street Children's Day

    Celebrating Days List in February:-
    2nd February -- National Girl Day
    4th February -- World Cancer Day
    February 7 -- Rose Day
    February 8 -- Propose Day
    9 February -- Chocolate Day
    9 February -- Bagels and Lox Day
    9 February -- Pizza Pie Day
    10 February -- Teddy Day
    11 February -- Promise Day
    12 February -- Kiss Day
    13 February -- Hug Day
    14 February -- Valentine's Day
    28th February -- National Science Day

    Celebrating Days List in March:-

    8th March -- International Women's Day
    13th March -- No Smoking Day
    15th March -- World Disable Day
    15th March -- World Consumer Rights Day
    17th March -- Saint Patrick's Day
    21st March -- World Poetry Day
    24th March -- World TB Day

    Celebrating Days List in April:-
    1st April -- Fools' Day
    7th April -- World Health Day
    11th April -- World Parkinson's Disease Day
    17th April -- World Hemophilia Day
    18th April -- World Heritage Day
    22nd April -- Earth Day
    25th April -- World Malaria Day

    Celebrating Days List in May:-
    1st May -- May Day
    3rd May -- World Press Freedom Day
    8th May -- World Red Cross Day
    11th May -- National Technology Day
    Second Sunday -- Mother's Day
    12th May -- International Nursing Day
    17th May -- Telecommunication Day
    22nd May -- International Day for Biological Diversity
    24th May -- Commonwealth Day
    31st May -- World No-Tobacco Day

    Celebrating Days List in June:-
    1st June -- International Children's Day
    5th June -- World Environment Day
    14th June -- World Blood Donor Day
    21st June -- Father's Day
    21st June -- World Music Day
    23rd June -- International Olympic Day
    26th June -- International Anti - Drugs Day, International Day against Drug Abuse and illicit  trafficking

    Celebrating Days List in July:-
    1st July -- Doctor's Day
    4th July -- Independence Day in U.S
    11th July -- World Population Day
    26th July -- Kargil Vijay Diwas

    Celebrating Days List in August:-
    1st August -- World Breast Feeding Day
    3rd August -- International FriendshipDay
    13th August -- Left Hander's Day
    15th August -- Indian Independence Day
    19th August -- World Photography Day
    20th August -- World Mosquito Day
    24th August -- Sanskrit Day
    26th August -- Women's Equality Day
    29th August -- National Sports Day

    Celebrating Days List in September:-
    5th September -- Teacher's Day
    8th September -- World Literacy Day
    14th September -- Hindi Day
    15th September -- International Day of Democracy
    15th September -- Engineers Day
    16th September -- International Day of the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

    Celebrating Days List in October:-
    2nd October -- Mahatma Gandhi Birthday/International nonviolence day
    4th October -- World Animal Welfare Day
    8th October -- Indian Air force Day
    9th October -- World Post Day
    10th October -- National Post Day
    16th October -- World Food Day
    24th October -- United Nation's Day

    Celebrating Days List in November:- 
    11th November -- Education Day (India)
    14th November -- Children's Day (India)
    14th November -- World Diabetes Day
    17th November -- International Student's Day
    19th November -- Citizen’s Day
    20th November -- Universal Children’s Day
    21st November -- World Television Day

    Celebrating Days List in December:-
    1st December -- World AIDS Day
    3rd December -- World Handicapped Day
    4th December -- Navy Day
    5th December -- International Volunteer Day
    10th December -- Human Rights Day
    23rd December -- Farmer’s Day (Kishan Divas)
    24th December -- Christmas Eve
    25th December -- Christmas Day
    26th December -- Boxing Day

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