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    Paper marbling and designing.

    Paper marbling and designing.
    Children love adorning the covers of their exercise books and one of the simplest and most popular ways. Today is for them to mix color into homemade paste and then gently with their fingers spread out according to their own designs, to dip them into the paste and gently draw their fingers in all over of other designs over their covers. If it is not desirable to use the fingers, the same ides can be applied to spraying the design on to the cover by using a paper comb made out of thick cardboard or a disused comb and a tooth brush and springing this colored paste of liquid color through the teeth of the comb on to the design, which has been previously traced of pressed out on the cover. Paper marbling with the use of oil colors is now fairly generally practiced. It is too thick and requires dilution wilt little turpentine, if it splashes too thinly add more paint. Work the paint about with a pencil till the desired effect is gained and then very slowly holding the two ends of the paper, gently place it on the surface of the water, taping it very slightly on the upper surface. Quickly remove the paper, drain off the superfluous water and put it away to dry. Your paper should then have a pretty marbled effect; much experimenting can be done but it should always be realized that in educational craft work an idea is sound only so long as it can be usefully applied. Therefore do not look upon producing coloured papers as a craft in itself, it is only a part of the craft of book production which is the main study.

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