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    How to develop communication skills.

    Generally your language skill are involved in communication-reading, listening, speaking and writing. Learning a language means acquiring all these skills. But these skills are mutually dependent and in each of them, there are sub-divisions. For example everyone knows today that written communication is done through words as well as figures.Similarly, reading involves not words but also picture, figures and diagrams. In fact, children learn better through the picture. Diagrams and graphs are an important means of communication today. Every textbook uses pictures, figures, diagrams to present information in graphic form. But learning through diagrams and graphs is not easy. To   interpret them and to gather information form they needs some practice. In this Unit, we are going to learn how to read diagrams and graphs. We live in a world of advertisement and computers. Both use diagrams and graphs effectively. Even newspapers, which are our windows on the world around us, use them to communicate information. As learning through eyes is easier, visual means of communication are becoming popular. Though presentation of data, or statistical information, through diagrams and graphs is difficult, learning to read them and understand them is comparatively easy. In this unit, we will try to study hot to collect information through diagrams and graphs are difficult, learning to read them and understand them is comparatively easy. In this unit, we will try to study how to collect information through diagrams and graphs. In this sense, the unit tries to strengthen our reading skill.

    The earth is the abode of man and her resources are his heritage. Hence the utilization of the earth resources by man is the chief feature of modern civilization. An appraisal of the generally presented in statistical figures. It is however not easy for all people to understand the meaning conveyed by figures. Some people are comfortable with figures, while others are not. We cannot do without figures though. When the figures are represented in terms of pictures of other type of graphic visuals, even common people are able to follow their significance. When we represent figures graphically their meaning becomes clear and we can arrive at conclusions based on them easily and correctly. This is the greatest merit of graphical representation of statistical data. Convenience and correctness with which results can be arrive at from figures.
    Graphical representation can be done by means of diagrams of graphs. They are more pictorial. Graphs are types of diagrams. Yet many people use these terms in a general sense. Americans use the term chart to refer to both. There are pictographs, line graphs, bar graphs, band graphs , pyramid graphs, wheel diagrams , two of three dimensional diagrams of graphs. Children have to learn something about some of these in schools because they give a lot of information. Every student therefore has to learn how to read diagrams or graphs in order to gather information provided by them. An increasing use of such pictures of visuals is a part of the learning process in modern times.
    Read the instruction before going to input entitled year of the near miss which also includes a graphs with the headline Too close for comfort. Try to understand the passage with the help of the graph. Does the graph help you in understanding the passage ? Try to link up the two. The input on the nest page throws light on the utility and convenience of graphs as a means of understanding.     

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