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सोमवार, २८ डिसेंबर, २०१५


This is a very tightly structured story.It is based on an interesting event in the life of a man named Mr.Framton Nuttel.The writer does not tell us much about the place except providing a hint that it is a remote rural retreat. The story is about  Mr.Framton Nuttel who is supposed to undergo nerve cure.Mr.Nuttel himself does not know about either the place of the people,His sister who live at this place for sometime  gives letters of introduction.One of the letters is addressed to Mrs.Sappleton.

Mrs.Sappleton  is an elderly who lives with her husband two brothers and a niece. The niece is a young lady of fifteen.The story begins with an encounter between Mr.Nuttel and the young lady.Taking advantage of his ignorance of the place.and the people the young girl fools him into believing in an imaginative and imaginary account charged with suspense and mystery.The mystery is about Mrs.sappleton husband her two brothers and to the sapniel.She tells him that three years ago Mrs.sappleton s husband and her two brothers gone out to their fevourite   snipe shooting ground along with the spaniel and never returned.She also tells him that Mrs.sappleton keeps the french window open expecting them  to return.
As soon as Mrs. sappleton appears she begins to chatter anxiously about the three men and the open window.She tells Mr.Nuttel that she is waiting for their return.To Mr.Nuttel all this is ghastly.He has completely believed in the story the young devil has told him. He thinks that Mrs.sappleton is a sick lady.But he has his life greatest shock when the three men enter through the open window exactly in the manner described by the young lady.Mr.Nuttel is frightened out of his wits and runs away...

                                                  THE END.

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